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What happens at the Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo?

The Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo is a combination of exhibitor booths, educational classes, cooking demonstrations, and other attractions related to gluten-free allergen-friendly, and free from living.

Who should attend The Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo?

Anyone that is living a gluten-free, vegan lifestyles or has food allergies and needs to avoid certain allergens.

Are all exhibitor booths gluten-free?

Yes. All products at The Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo are considered to be gluten free. Some products may be manufactured in non-dedicated facility and may not be certified. Check with each exhibitor before consuming or using the products.

Are all exhibitor booths Allergy Friendly?

No. We do have a dedicated Allergen Free Zone where you will find products that are free from the top 8 allergens.

How is The Free From & Allergy Friendly expo allergen-friendly?

Each exhibitor booth will be labeled with an allergen card, helping you understand which common allergens are contained in the products and samples.

What types of items do the exhibitors display?

Most are food items. Vendors also exhibit health & beauty items, vitamins & supplements and other services that help you live a full gluten-free, free from and allergen-friendly lifestyle.

Is childcare available?

There will be a Kids Zone where parents and kids can engage in crafts, story time, entertainment, and other activities such as face painting. There will be no separate supervised area where children can be left unattended.

What are the show hours?

Please visit the following page for more information on show hours.

Location & Hours

How do I get to the Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo and what are the hours?

Please see the following page for this information.

Location & Hours

Can I get free products at The Free From & Allergy Friendly Expo?

Yes! Many vendors hand out samples or coupons in their booth. When you arrive, you will be given a bag to carry your goodies.

Are seminars and cooking demos included with my entry ticket?

Yes! All classes and cooking demonstrations are included with your entry ticket.

Can I bring my wheelchair?

Of course! Just remember that Saturday is our busier day, so if you are in a wheelchair, you may be more comfortable on Sunday since the aisles are less crowded.

Is there free parking?

Yes there is 5000 Free Parking spots available.

I bought my ticket online, how do I redeem it.

Either bring a printout of your ticket or a copy on your smartphone. We will scan your ticket at the door. If you can’t find your ticket information, we can look it up when you get there.

Is coat check available?

Yes coat check is available for a small fee.