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Help us spread the word about the Free From + Allergy Friendly Expo. We value all types of support, and with your allurement, devoted following, and a bit of help from us, we can create the perfect partnership! In exchange, we will provide some exclusive presents for our Ambassadors (hint: free tickets, goodies, etc)

Free From + Allergy Frienldy Expo Ambassadors have 3000+ followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You will be asked to post a minimum of six unique pieces of content to be eligible. It’s preferred you enjoy attending unique events and making memories with your closest friends and family

Is this you? If so Please email ambassadors@freefromexpo.ca


The Free From + Allergy Friendly Expo is looking for volunteers to help at the show! An exciting opportunity to gain experience working in the event industry! All volunteers will receive a free pass 2 day pass to the Free From + Allergy Friendly Expo! Please email annalisa@freefromexpo.ca for more information