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Safety is our first priority

We wish to communicate, with absolute clarity, the critical need for all visitors to take extreme care during their attendance and to place their health (and the health of anyone they are attending with) first at all times.

By acquiring a ticket and attending the event, all show visitors understand and accept the following:

  • The show is not 100% free from any potential allergen, as it is hosted in a multi-use venue, which hosts a variety of events. Therefore, the venue is as susceptible to any allergen as any other public place and should be treated with precisely the same degree of caution.
  • All visitors must be aware of their health situation, read ingredient labels and signs, take appropriate precautions and carry necessary medication.
  • The show is meant to meet the needs of people with a diverse array of health conditions, including, allergies, intolerances, celiac disease, etc. For example, one visitor might be allergic to tree nuts, whilst another has no issue with tree nuts, but might be allergic to eggs, or one visitor might have intolerances to gluten but has no issues with eggs or tree nuts.
  • The exhibitors at the show will reflect the diversity of the visitors. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that there will be products on the show floor that contain the allergen or intolerance trigger that is potentially harmful to some visitors.
  • Not all items at the show are certified gluten-free or allergen free. Also, some items are made in shared facilities but meet certification and government requirements. It is up to each individual to read labels before using, consuming or purchasing products.
  • The inclusion of brand name products, services and advice of exhibitors does not imply endorsement in any way by the show organizers. Show organizers take no responsibility for discussions between visitors and exhibitors, nor for any situation that may occur as a result of those conversations.
  • Furthermore, the show organizers disclaim any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the information presented, products sampled and/or purchased at the show. The information presented by exhibitors and speakers are not designed to take the place of a doctor’s instructions.
  • To keep you and your family safe at the expo, look out for the allergen cards. Every exhibitor will display the card listing the top allergens that their products contain or might have come in contact with.

Lastly, you know your health situation better than anyone else. If you are not able to tolerate a product, do not sample, contact your doctor for medical advice.